What is Caddons

Caddons is a set of tools designed to allow easier use of AutoCAD and other clone CAD programs. It's mostly written in AutoLisp to accomodate as many versions, verticals and systems as possible. Usually the tools are designed for the "average" CAD user (whatever that means). There might be some which you'd never use in your particular field, but hopefully most may be of some use.

Although Caddons is mainly designed to work with AutoCAD, most of the tools are designed with an attempt at portability to other clones. There is also a further attempt to have the tools accessible in other systems (e.g. BricsCAD on Linux and AutoCAD for Mac), though many features are simply unavailable at present. This might change in the future - one can but hope.

Home Page

The word Caddons is derived from an amalgamation of 'CAD' (Computer Aided Design/Drafting) and 'Addon'. This is done as a descriptive name for what it is - namely Addons to CAD .

These pages contain much more than simply descriptions of the addons. They are constantly in the process of being added to and modified as new developments take place - both in the addons themselves, as well as other factors like new features in the base CAD packages.

It is also intended to provide a resource for cad users in the sense that tutorials and hints are provided where possible. There are lots of sites already showing such (and some of them can be found on the links page), where it is deemed that not enough is said about a feature such would either be expanded on or entire new tutorials provided. All these can be viewed on the Hints & Tips pages.

Also for those wanting to find out how these addons are made, many of the code is shown in the Code Samples pages. Although the project is open source and the code can thus be downloaded, these pages are intended to show reasons and alternatives and also provide a resource for prospective amateur programmers. It's included in the hope to grow a community of contributors to these addons.

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